Solutions for Hair Loss

Hair loss affects men and women, young and old alike. This leads to millions of dollars being spent on hair restoration products every year by people suffering from hair loss. More often than not, these hair loss products fall short of their promise of total regrowth.

Non-surgical Hair Growth Options

Although you may find a variety of hair loss products on the market, there are only two drug categories used to treat common hereditary hair loss that are FDA-approved.

Hair Growth Stimulators
Hair growth stimulators are topically applied to the scalp. They stimulate hair growth by adding a positive growth-enhancing substance to follicles. Topical Minoxidil is the lone direct hair growth stimulator with an FDA approval. Typically used twice a day, this drug is simply applied to the scalp.

While a 5% foam and solution for men and a 2% solution for women are approved, there are marked differences on Minoxidil’s effects on both genders. Men have reported a positive drug experience with decrease in hair loss and hair count increase. There are no conclusive reports about the effect of Minoxidil use in women. Continued use of Minoxidil has to be ensured or hair growth and other improvements will eventually cease and the hair loss pattern will return.

Sold as Propecia, the FDA-approved drug Finasteride is a synthetic 4-azasteroid compound. The main action of Finasteride is to inhibit the enzyme type one 5 alpha reductase – the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT in men. DHT is a male hormone that shrinks follicles until hair can no longer be produced. A prescription pill, Finasteride can only be taken by men and must be continually taken or any improvement will be reversed.

The Permanence of Hair Transplants

Hair transplants remain as the only medically-approved permanent solution to hair loss issues. Applicable to both men and women, hair transplantation has been established as the most effective way to restore hair. The simple procedure involves transplanting follicles and hair from an area of the head to the area with hair loss or thinning. While results may not be the same for everyone, hair transplants are favored by people who prefer a permanent and natural-looking solution for hair loss.

Hair Transplants in Tijuana, Mexico

Here at Baja Hair Center, we provide permanent and medically-approved hair loss treatment. Our Board Certified Dermatologist and Hair Restoration Specialist, Dr. Sara Lea Salas, has performed numerous hair transplants in Mexico and several in other countries, with highly-successful results. We are proud to be the only hair restoration clinic in Tijuana that offers certified Follicular Unit Extraction AND Follicular Unit Transplantation in a surgical facility with the highest certification by the AAAASF of any facility in Mexico. AAAASF is an international certification agency located in the US.