Hair Restoration Cost

The Cost of Hair Restoration

The cost of restoring your hair varies depending on the type of solution you choose, as well as the extent of the hair loss you’re experiencing. While cost is a significant consideration when choosing hair restoration treatments, the effects of having great and healthy hair normally outweigh the costs. Baja Hair Center charges per session/transplant as is done in Israel unlike per graft like in the US and Mexico. After your consult ,Dr Salas will access the type of session FUE or FUT and how many grafts you will need. We may end up with more grafts and we don’t charge more for those extra grafts as we want to put as many grafts in as possible.

Sessions can be divided as follows:

Small session/restoration , which would commonly be eyebrows, beards and mustaches or redesign of hair line– apx 500 grafts.

Medium session/restoration– up to 2,000 grafts.

Large/mega sessions-/restoration – 2,500-4,000 grafts.

This is a specialty of Dr .Salas and is NOT performed by any other Drs in Tijuana and very few places in the US
Prices include:

Recovery time: 4-7 days, depending on the work you have done

Results: 3 months after the procedure the transplanted hair begins to grow, at 6 months 50-80% of the grafts are growing and at 1 year 100% of the grafts are growing

Due to the differences in the extent of hair loss, and the best method for each patient, the associated cost can only be determined precisely after a close examination and consultation with the patient. Other concerns related to hair loss treatments will also be discussed during the initial consultation with Board Certified Dermatologist and Hair Restoration Specialist, Dr Sara Salas.

To better determine which plan would best meet your hair restoration needs, schedule a no-obligation , no cost consultation with Dr. Sara Lea Salas. This can be done in person or via SKYPE or email.

Value Beyond the Cost

It’s a common misconception that surgical hair restoration is an expensive procedure and is better reserved for people whose livelihood is dependent on how they look. Those who don’t consider hair transplants often resort to ineffective solutions such as hairpieces and medicinal and topical treatments. In the long-term, costing more.

At Baja Hair Center, our solutions are permanent and don’t cost as much as other solutions in the US and Canada. Hair restoration is a long-term investment in yourself that gives both men and women , great hair and helps them regain self-confidence and are 100% Guaranteed!