Follicular Unit Extraction

Balding or thinning hair is one of the most common problems that we encounter as we age. That does not mean we have to live with it. While there are several reasons why it happens among men and women, there are also many hair loss treatment options that address it. If you’ve been worrying about the thinning patches on your scalp, with Baja Hair Center  you can get the peace of mind that comes from working with board certified specialist and world renowned expert, Dr. Sara Lea Salas. You can rely on trusted and proven solutions, such as Follicular Unit Extraction.

Follicular Unit Extraction is a type of hair transplant procedure that has gained respect in Tijuana, Mexico and other parts of the world. It involves the excision of individual grafts from your donor area and using them to encourage growth in bald spots. Dr. Salas uses an instrument that measures a millimeter or less in diameter. These grafts feature healthy hair that, as in most cases with balding or thinning hair, is immune to the effects of DHT on the hair follicles. Thus, these grafts can nurture normal growth and improve density of hair. You can trust Baja Hair Center to provide you with the most suitable hair loss solutions, so book an appointment with us today or call for a virtual consult.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

Also known as the “strip” method, FUT is the most commonly performed among hair transplant procedures. It is surgically invasive and involves using hair from the back of the scalp.

Essentially, a section of the scalp is surgically excised. The excised part is divided into one to four separate grafts which are then used to replace hair in the person’s balding areas. PLEASE understand when you are doing your research, there is a big difference between “hairs” and actual “grafts”

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is minimally invasive, and does not require excising a piece of scalp from the back of the head. Instead, hair follicles are removed directly from the donor area making a tiny .7 mm incision and using very fine forceps. Most doctors still use the 1mm incision because it is easier but it makes a larger hole in the scalp. That is why you can tell  when a patient has had a hair or eyebrow transplant. Each patient is different and Dr. Salas takes the time to evaluate and create a design that is perfectly matched to the anatomy and aesthetics of each patient for a successful FUE hair transplant in Mexico. You get 100% attention from Dr. Salas as she is the ONLY Dr. to perform your procedure. Other places you may encounter have different doctors in the operating room.

Benefits and Disadvantages: FUE vs FUT

There is NO discomfort or pain with either procedure when performed by Dr. Sara Lea Salas.

The FUE method involves tiny scalpel incisions, sutures, and scars, so more people may prefer this solution. However, this method will also have disadvantages when compared to the FUT method. For one, it may be more costly because it’s a more manual procedure, which is very tedious and time consuming. For a large session this could take up to 2 days. The effects of this type of method greatly depend on the skill of the doctor performing the procedure and using the latest equipment. Hair follicles are very sensitive, so it’s imperative for the doctor to have extensive experience performing this method. Dr. Salas is an expert in both the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques and actually teaches other doctors how to perform these procedures. Part of Dr. Salas’s subspecialty is mega sessions, from 2,500-4000 grafts. No other doctor in Tijuana and very few in the US perform this procedure. A personal consultation with Dr. Salas is the best way to decide the best method for you! When you follow Dr Salas’s pre and post op instructions,Baja Hair Center’s hair transplants are 100% GUARANTEED!