Art and Design in Micropigmentation


Micropigmentation is an aesthetic technique that is used to beautify, correct or harmonize facial or body features in a semi-permanent way by using pigments.

Perfect Eyebrows


A semi-permanent makeup technique, whose goal is to correct or completely rebuild an eyebrow, creating a hyper-realistic and natural effect.

Approximate duration of 1 year

Sensual Lips


It is an aesthetic treatment that is carried out to contour and color the lips. It will provide a sensual and natural effect.

Approximate duration of 1 to 3 years

Micropigmentation and Areola Reconstruction

Areola micropigmentation can be carried out when a mastectomy or any other type of surgical intervention on the chest has been performed, as long as a breast areola reconstruction is needed.

Approximate duration of 5 years

Increased Hair Density

Capillary Micropigmentation

Capillary micropigmentation is a simulation of the hair follicle that gives the appearance of real hair on the scalp (male or female), making it look like the hair is growing.

Approximate duration of 3 to 5 years

Captivating Look