Preventative Botox: Wrinkle-Free Tips for Women in Their Early 20’s

Who says Botox is just for aging folks? There is no rule that says young people in Mexico or anywhere else can’t undergo the treatment. For almost as long as Botox started to gain fame in the beauty industry, the concept of preventative Botox has been around. Basically, this means that young women in their 20’s get the treatment when early signs of crow’s feet, brow creases, and all sorts of wrinkles start to show, instead of trying to reverse those blemishes later in life. If you are interested in getting preventative Botox, here are some tips.

Ask a Trusted Dermatologist

Some would argue that 20-somethings are too young to get Botox. Board-certified dermatologists, like Dr. Sara Lea Salas from Baja MediSpa in Tijuanawill tell you otherwise. There is no appropriate age to get Botox because each individual’s skin is different. For instance, if you are a 23-year-old woman who already sees finely etched lines on your skin even when your face is completely relaxed, you might be a good candidate for preventative Botox. The trick here is to listen to what an expert would say because Botox is not really for everyone.

Presumptive vs Preventative

No one is really safe from aging. The concept of preventative Botox revolves around minimizing its effects, not getting ahead of it completely. Going in for a treatment even if you don’t have any visible lines or wrinkles in the hope of never developing any in the future would be ill-advised. That would not be preventative Botox but presumptive, and a sure sign that it’s too early for the needle. Unless you start to age abnormally fast, it’s not possible to get too many lines at an early age. Besides, there could be certain drawbacks from getting Botox too early when you don’t need it.

Don’t Focus on Wrinkles Only

Many people try Botox to just get rid of their wrinkles and crow’s feet or practically anything around the eyes. What they don’t know is that that particular area should not be the only focus. Early signs of aging can also appear at the sides of the mouth in the form of marionette lines. Once these lines settle in, they can be very hard to treat. Preventative Botox can help slow down their development, along with wrinkles, for a more youthful look. Responsible and reputable dermatologists would be able to know whether you truly require the treatment or not; consult one to be sure.