Post-Treatment Care Tips for Patients Undergoing CO2 Laser Resurfacing

One of the most effective ways to reduce blemishes on skin is undergoing a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment. It is especially effective against scars, warts, wrinkles, birthmarks, and enlarged oil glands on the nose. It is generally an outpatient procedure, which means that the patient can carry on recovery at home using a post-treatment care regimen. Note that recovery times for each patient may differ but the standard after-care procedure remains the same. Here are some general tips you should follow for a speedy recovery.

Stay Clean and Hydrated

Treated skin can become irritated if you don’t keep it clean. You should ask your doctor how often you should clean the treated area; most doctors recommend three to five times a day. Usually, diluted or saline solution can be used. It is also important to stay hydrated following the treatment to prevent excessive dryness on the skin. Drink plenty of water and apply moisturizer on treated areas as well.

Apply Cold Compress

You may notice a little bit of swelling following the therapy. It’s nothing a cold compress cannot fix. You can use an ice pack, a pack of frozen peas wrapped in damp cloth, or wet clothes to reduce the swelling. Your doctor may also prescribe some medicine to help you manage the swelling better, especially if you had the treatment done around your eyes. Also, elevating your head by adding an extra pillow or two may help.

Protect the Treated Area

Naturally, the treated area will be very sensitive after the laser CO2 treatment. You should do everything you can to protect it from harmful elements. For instance, when you are heading out of the house and exposing yourself to the sun, you should apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 50. Only apply sunscreen that a dermatologist, like Dr. Sara Lea Salas from Baja MediSpa in Tijuana, will recommend for you so you won’t get a negative reaction.

Put On Oil-Free Makeup

Once you start to see signs of healing, you can go back to using makeup. This will cover up slight redness on the treated areas. Just be sure to get oil-free variants to help along the healing. Opt for green-based makeup as well to disguise the redness.

As always, the best care tip you can ever get is to listen to what your dermatologist would say. That way, you can recover in no time and reap the beauty benefits of a good CO2 laser treatment.


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