Intense Pulsed Light Zaps Traces of Aging and Sun Damage on Your Face

Most people describe beautiful facial skin as clean and unblemished. Achieving the ideal skin tone, however, is not that easy; blotches from sun damage and unwanted hair in some places can make any person self-conscious about their looks. Thankfully, state-of-the-art treatments like IPL or intense pulsed light in Tijuana skincare centers like Baja MediSpa can address this problem.

Is IPL treatment for you?

The best candidate for IPL treatment is someone with light but lax and sun-damaged skin. If you have developed a mix of freckles, wrinkles, and age marks as a result of frequent sun exposure, then IPL treatment may be a good choice.

IPL can treat several conditions that mar the beauty of your skin. Rosacea and other conditions that stem from vascular lesions and burst capillaries that cause redness can be treated with IPL, as well as the above signs of skin aging. You can even have unwanted hair removed with IPL, though it may not be as effective as laser hair removal. The difference between the two can be noticed in how the IPL process works.

A Look at the IPL Process

Although laser treatments and intense pulsed light may sound similar, they do have a major difference. For one, IPL uses short blasts of light to penetrate the skin and damage the melanin that causes the blotches or the burst capillaries causing the redness. The skin then heals over the damage, restoring your skin to its pristine state. This is, however, done over a broad area. Laser treatments focus on a single area and condition to “burn” out the problem. This means that if you want to treat age spots and burst capillaries with lasers, then you’ll have to undergo two different treatments.

The IPL process itself is simple. An anesthetic is usually applied before the treatment, while a cooling gel is placed so that the IPL won’t overheat the skin. The IPL glass is then placed over the area to be treated. A session can last for 20 minutes, with four to six sessions every three to six weeks needed to get results.

When the treatment is done, you can show your face without any fear. Try it out and see the results for yourself every time you look in the mirror.


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