Intense Pulsed Light Treatment: Removing Spider Veins for Fresher Skin

Reddish bruises that branch out like spiders on the face and legs are common blemishes that concern most women. Known as spider veins, this skin condition normally suggests exhaustion or aging, with twisted, dilated, or broken veins visible from underneath the skin.

The specific causes are not known, but the blemishes become more apparent with age as the skin gets thinner. Increased blood pressure due to alcohol intake, causing facial veins to dilate, may produce discolorations on the skin that create broken capillaries. With continuous alcohol abuse, the marks that appear by then could already indicate liver damage.

Uncommon but likely, incidents of broken capillaries may also be associated with general rosacea, a skin illness that produces red or flushed skin. Symptoms or triggers for rosacea vary from every person. Other possible reasons for the bruises are sun-damaged skin, trauma, pregnancy, hormonal changes and hereditary effects.

According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), around 80% of women would have experienced a form of vein-related illness by the age of 80 years old. Fortunately, spider veins may be minimized with the use of sunscreen when going outside. It will also help to only apply gentle force when washing the face and body.

The IPL Treatment

Although spider veins do not pose any health risks, such marks do not disappear over time and are difficult to treat. Most people with this skin condition can opt for intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment, a procedure that involves pulsated high-intensity light that stimulates collagen production. Besides vein problems, the IPL treatment may also remove pigmented lesions, sun-damaged skin, and age spots.

The wavelength of the light energy used in this procedure depends on the requirements of the patient, but the normal range is within 500 nm. to 1200 nm. Although quite similar to the pulsated beams of lasers, the intensity of light in IPL equipment is more comparable to wave-like charges in lamps with multi-colored beams.

Through the stimulation of collagen production, intense pulsed light in Tijuana results in fresher and younger skin on the affected areas of the face, neck, and legs. For a proven plan that suits your specific needs, you would do well to consult experienced specialists from clinics like Baja MediSpa.


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