Co2 Laser Resurfacing Treatment for Healing Sun-Damaged Skin Problems

The appearance of freckles, wrinkles, and spots in particular areas or throughout the body is a sign of skin damage from staying too much under the sun. Damaged skin from overexposure to the sun is also the leading cause for pre-mature aging.

Although these pigment changes are relatively mild, sun-damaged skin may develop pre-cancerous symptoms like moles and reddening. Actinic keratosis and actinic cheilitis, both of which are symptoms of a common skin condition known as squamous cell carcinoma, may also be noticed in the skin.

Moreover, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays also weaken your skin’s healing functions, leaving you with severe bruises amid minor injuries.

Most incidents of blemishes are normally resolved with good skin care practices, while others opt for laser therapy solutions for lasting effects. A non-toxic and non-invasive procedure, laser or light therapy uses light energy to facilitate recovery of afflicted skin cells. Also known as laser resurfacing, laser therapy involves pulsating beams of light concentrated on the affected skin, which eliminates impaired areas per layer.

Two types of treatments perform laser resurfacing, namely Co2 laser resurfacing treatment and the erbium laser resurfacing treatment.  The former is the oldest and widely-used system for repairing minor skin conditions. Erbium lasers, on the other hand, produces minimum burning for faster recovery.

Treated patients require less subsequent medications, with enhanced energy in the skin cells. The lasers also restore the healing and immunity functions of the skin, increase collagen production, enhance blood circulation, and reduce swelling. Most advanced Co2 lasers used in some clinics use short pulsated beams known as ultrapulse, delivered with the least heat damage.

laser Co2 in Tijuana generally works through directing small shafts of light to remove dead skin cells. As the lasers touch the affected area, production of collagen is also forced to function faster for immediate replacement of dead cells. Sun-damaged skin is said to be able to fully recover with this remedy for about one to two sessions only.

Laser equipment for skin care purposes should only be handled in clinics like Baja MediSpa, with trained specialists  and a Board Certified Dermatologist , like Dr. Sara Salas, to administer the procedure for optimum results. It is also recommended to avoid putting on makeup or any skin product in the repaired surface for about 24 hours after the therapy or until soreness and redness subsides.


Laser/light Therapy for Sun-damaged Skin.

Sun-damaged Skin.