CO2 Laser Resurfacing and Other Treatments and How They Can Help You

When people think of lasers, they don’t often think about it being used as cosmetic treatments for the skin. However, the use of lasers to help people look good has actually been around for some time. Since 40 years ago, argon or CO2 laser has treated vascular birthmarks that marred the face. Since then, people have been using lasers to remove skin imperfections and improve their looks, with further advances enabling more options.

How It Works

Lasers work by producing highly intense light that functions in a specific wavelength ranging from the visible violet to the invisible infrared. Depending on the particular wavelength used, there are various effects on parts of your skin. For example, vascular skin lesions, those marks on your skin caused by your blood clotting, absorb laser light in the visible range resulting in them being heated and destroyed. Melanin absorbs a different wavelength and is treated in the same way. Infrared lasers happen to be the most destructive; they are absorbed by the water inside the skin and can result in an entire layer of skin being removed.

What Lasers Can Do For You

The effect of infrared lasers is quite useful when you want to get a fresh look on your face. Right now, one of the main uses of lasers is to resurface the skin. This is because a lot of the wrinkles, acne scars, and sun-damaged skin that detract from the beauty of your face are only on the surface. With the lasers removing a layer of your skin, your skin has a chance to regrow; there might be some tenderness for some time, but in a few weeks you can take off the bandages and see smooth, fresh skin replacing your old one. Moreover, CO2 laser resurfacing is just one of the treatments that lasers can do for you.

Another favorite laser treatment is laser hair removal. If you don’t like shaving unwanted hair, using lasers to get rid of them is a better option. Short bursts of light are aimed at the hair, and just like the skin lesions and wrinkles, the heat is absorbed into them and resulting in them being overheated and destroyed. The lasers are tuned to the specific wavelength that hair can absorb so that the surrounding tissue won’t be damaged. The process itself is quick and a lot less painful than getting a Brazilian wax.

Get Treated By Professionals

Laser treatments can provide you with a wide range of beauty options. However, it’s best to find experienced professionals like Baja MediSpa so you can be assured of safety when getting back your glowing, youthful-looking skin.


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